Wishlist 8

Want to send us some “tangible love” from home? Here are some ideas of things that would bless us big time!

Click here to view our Amazon wish list (You certainly don’t need to get these things from Amazon, but we thought it was an easy way to list them.  If you do purchase something from this list elsewhere, please consider going to our Amazon wishlist and clicking the “buying this gift elsewhere” link next to that item.  This will help us with duplicates.  Thanks a bunch!!!)

For the Kitchen:
Shelf-stable Pepperoni
Muffin mix (requires only oil/water/eggs; berry or blueberry)
Starbucks VIA coffee (med/dark roast)
Hidden Valley Ranch or Italian mix packets
Mini marshmallows

For Jason & Amy:
iTunes gift card (It’s our new “date night movie” venue)
MyMemories.com gift certificate (website for Amy’s new digital scrapbooking)
Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Advil-generic brands OK

For the Kids:
Seasonal crafts (that either come w/ all materials provided or only need basics like scissors, glue)
Construction paper
Puzzles 100 pcs for Aubrey, 500 pcs for Jayden (Disney characters, Superhero characters, Star Wars, sharks, wild animals)

Packages (or cards/letters) can be mailed to:
Yon Family
c/0 Mji Wa Yohanna
PO Box 1531-60100
Embu, Kenya

Throughout the year, people will be coming over to Kenya to visit. They could potentially bring some of these items with them instead of you mailing them to us. You can contact the ACP office to see when someone is coming and if they might have room in their luggage for “wishlist” items.

Tips from folks who have been here a lot longer than us:

** Padded mailers (envelopes) tend to be opened less often and attract less curiosity than large boxes.  We’ve heard that the Priority Mail flat rate cardboard envelopes arrive fairly quickly.

** We do pay a fee based on the value of the items sent…  SO make sure to mark yard sale or discount values on the customs form (tags should be taken off of new things), and keep the descriptions of the items simple, again, so as not to attract attention.  You may also mark “No commercial value” for items, as we are not reselling anything we receive.  These tips help keep our fees down when receiving your package.

** Recently, we have had a few items go missing from a package (we think in Kenyan Customs office). It might be helpful for us if you write a detailed description of everything you put in the box (a kind of packing list) and place that note in the box. That way, if something from that list is missing, we can at least complain to the customs agents. (not sure if complaining will help, but at least we know what was SUPPOSED to be in there).

We are thankful for you & we look forward to hearing from you through snail-mail!! 

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