Monthly Archives: October 2013

“Small” little project 2

So, I noticed the last couple of nights that I have been drifting closer and closer to the middle of the bed. So as I was struggling to get to sleep, I figured I had one of two problems – either the mattress was getting worn out in the middle […]

My current view 1

What’s a normal day look like? It’s a common question and so I hope to shed a little light on “my current view”! Somewhere between 6:30-7:30am, I begin to try ignoring the noises coming from my two children! Sometimes, either I am successful or they are actually playing quietly, so […]

This is why we are here 9

Every day in Kenya, someone will come up to you begging for money or food. Some times, they are adults, sometimes they are children. ¬†We don’t feel it is appropriate to give anyone money because we don’t really know what they would do with it. And unfortunately, I’m not always […]