A fight with a power cord 3

The day before Jayden’s birthday, we finally got the rest of our stuff from Nairobi and into our apartment in Embu. So, for Jayden’s birthday, I thought it would be nice to hook up the Wii for him so we could play together.

I checked the power adapter for the Wii and it clearly said that it needed 120V power. So, no problem, I grabbed my handy dandy power converter and began to plug things in.


And that’s went it went all bad. Most of the time when I plug something in an electrical outlet in Kenya, I turn off the power strip, plug things in and then turn the power strip back on. But for whatever reason, this time I failed to do that. See where this is going?


For some reason the power converter was loose in the outlet in the strip and I think the plugs arc-ed and I immediately heard a “POP” on the tile floor. OH NO!!! NOT COOL! I knew right then, it was over. I was so sad for my buddy. I called him in the room, explained what happened and we both cried for a minute or 2.


However, the good news is I had not yet plugged the cord into the Wii yet so it didn’t get fried. So then, I began my search for a new Wii power adapter.

So I spent some of that day and the next morning looking all over the internet and going to 6 different stores and electronics shops in Embu to try to find a replacement.  Finally, I found a little computer shop and he says he can order it for me. It was the only electronics store that even knew what a Wii was. They knew Playstation, but not Wii. Anyway, the guy says he can order it and maybe have it here Thursday (today).

Also, in my online search I found a video game store in Nairobi who use these diablo 2 items for sale which allows them to profit. They had one of the plugs I needed in-hand for 1500ksh (About $17). The great thing is, the cord fits the electrical outlets here in Kenya and converts the power needed to the Wii.

So, yesterday, I stopped by our little electronics shop to see if he was able to order the cord, when it would be in, and what the cost would be. You see, we have found here that if you don’t follow up with people, it won’t get done. But, my man Fred had ordered it and it would be here when he said it would, today (Thursday). BUT, when I asked him the price, he told me 3000ksh. Oh man! What a bummer. I can’t see spending double for something just because of the convenience.  So, I told him the price of the one in Nairobi and he said, “no problem, just get it there then.” I was very careful to make sure he understood I didn’t want to offend him and he said he could just send it back no problem and he totally understood. Whew!

The great news is we met a friend a church in Nairobi who works and lives here in Embu. And while having dinner the other night I asked him if he would be willing to pick up the cord for us when he is in Nairobi again. The great thing is, he is going there TODAY and will be bringing our cord back on Saturday! YAHOO!!!  Thank you STEVE!

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