God in the details

Details, details…God’s got them under control

Yes, as you can imagine there are a million and one details swirling all around us…and those are just the ones we’re aware of! A huge “detail” is the selling of our house. In order to get even close to our house being in “showing condition”, I (Amy) have been working for MONTHS on sorting through all the stuff! (Note: Jason and I have lived in this one house since the day we were married…there’s been a lot of stuff to go through!)

In the process, I came across our boxes of china we received from our wedding. Sitting where they have been for the past 8 ½ years, at the top of the hall closet, were 8 boxes of 5 piece place settings; all in their original boxes. Most of those dishes had never even seen the light of day! We obviously were not attached emotionally to these dishes and we were not willing to keep them in storage. We decided that we should try to sell them. I had contacted a replacements website about them, but they were not interested in buying my particular pattern at the time. So, a friend suggested a local consignment store. Jason took them to the consignment store one day and they decided all the pieces deserved to see the light of day at least once. After unpacking each piece, the associate told Jason that they could likely sell the entire set for about $200 and we would get about $120 of that. It was a GOD thing that Jason ran this errand instead of me because I likely would have reluctantly agreed just to get the boxes off my hands.

Jason packed the boxes back up, thinking to himself “surely I can sell these another way and make more money!?” The research began…ebay? Craigslist? While searching through options, he realized that both Macy’s and Bed Bath and Beyond still sold the same dishes. Well, Macy’s was having a sale, buy one get one free…so he decided he would just TRY to take them back to BB&B. Couldn’t hurt right?! (Again, it’s a GOD thing he ended up with this errand because I don’t think I would have had the guts to try what he was planning!)

Later that night he and Aubrey were headed to BB&B. At the counter, he explained that he would like to return all these boxes of never been used dishes. The sales associate kindly scanned them to be sure they were in their system…Bingo! Everything scanned and scanned at full price! “Will store credit be ok?” the associate asked. Jason pleasantly agreed knowing this would be a huge relief to just get rid of it all! The sales associate called for the manager to “OK” the large amount of credit to be given. “Do you know your registry number, sir?” the manager asked. Jason chuckled and introduced him to Aubrey, our 4 year old daughter. “Well, that’s ok…would you like a store credit or do you have a credit card I can put the return on?” In slight shock, Jason reminded the nice manager that he did not originally purchase these items; they were gifts…almost 9 years ago! “Yea, that’s ok…I can put it on any card you’d like.”

So, without further arguing, my husband handed the amazingly generous manager his debit card and walked out of the store with and extra $478 (yes, taxes included!) in our account.

Now THAT is God in the details!!!

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