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This weekend, we received a card from a wonderful family in our church. It’s a beautiful Pastor Appreciation Card that is a great blessing to us with tremendous words of encouragement. But there is an AWESOME God-story written inside on a piece of paper that we are dying to share.

“Dear Pastor Jason and Amy,

God’s Blessings to you and your family!

First, thank you both so much for your dedication and compassion to Grace Covenant’s Children’s Ministry. Our family appreciates you. Our daughters absolutely love Winner’s Circle and learned so much. So often through the week they’d talk about what they learned and would always sing the songs they learned.

I have to let you know that [our daughter] is so sad to know you are leaving but what an example you both are for her to see and learn about being obedient. How awesome for me to get a chance to explain to her about God’s calling, purpose and plan for our lives and how we need to listen and be obedient. She often talks about and prays for the African Children and for their water. So I know she understands where and what and who you will be helping.

Which brings me to ‘my’ God assignment…
I took a temporary job working for my brother-in-law’s company for a short season. I began to think about what kinds of new things I could buy for me and my family. (All kinds of material things)
Then, I felt like God softly say, “This money is not for you but going to be for someone/something else. Put the money aside and save it.”

So, I experienced a different, better and special assignment each day I worked. My heart was excited and joyful working for the Lord. With each pay check I would tithe 10% and put the rest of the money away in an envelope I marked “GOD”. Near the end of the season for this company’s project, I was really thinking and praying for direction to where God wanted me to give His money. You and your family kept coming to mind and then I clearly had a peace that God chose you. I really feel like this is to help you and your family with moving expenses but I’m sure you know or will know where it is to be used.

What a pleasure and blessing it has been to be used by ‘God assignment’ to bless you.
All praise, honor & glory for our Father God for He is Worthy, Almighty & Awesome! Praise be to God for He is faithful, gentle, and good! His love is perfect, excellent and endures forever!”

Enclosed was a very generous check!

WOW! We were blown away not only by her generosity and obedience to God but also by the faithfulness of God. He found a woman who would be generous and obedient to Him and chose her to bless us, build our faith, and confirm to us that He is sending us to do this work in Kenya. We hope that by reading this this story YOUR faith in the God we serve is built up as much as it has been built up in us.

Thank you Lord! And thank you [Woman of God] for your support, generosity, and obedience!

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