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Our main purpose in Kenya is God’s call to us to build and develop the ministry of the African Children’s Project on our property in Kirinyaga. However, because of my experience and heart for the local church, I have been trying to make some local connections with churches in our Foursquare family here in Kenya. I would love to encourage them, partner with them, and help them as much as my time will allow. We have been to visit about four of the churches since we’ve been here and each time, they have asked me to speak.  The last couple of visits, I have felt like the Lord gave me a word for them about His promises.

I am told that November and December are supposed to be rainy months in this region and the farmers really plan for and depend on this rain. In fact, this rain also really helps to cool things down in the area, especially at night when we would like to be a few degrees cooler to sleep.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been seeing as much of this rain as we would like and the farmers desperately need right now. But one Saturday, we got a good rainfall and when the rain was over, there was a nice rainbow in the sky. And it reminded me of God’s promises. So, I prepared a sermon talking about God’s promises in His Word.

We praised God together for the rain we had the day before.  I told them that the rainbow not only reminds me that God promised He would never flood the entire earth again, but they also remind me of all of God’s Promises.  I also talked about how God’s Promises are like a treasure box. If you never open the box, you cannot find out what kind of treasure in inside. He has given us the Bible, but if we never open it, we won’t know the promises He has for us.

Here are the promises I shared with them and discussed:

2 Timothy 3:16
Genesis 22:17-18
2 Peter 1:4
Jeremiah 29:11
Proverbs 1:33
Philippians 1:6
Matthew 11:28-29
Isaiah 40:29-31
John 14:27
Romans 6:23
Romans 10:9
1 John 1:9
John 11:25
Romans 8:37-39
John 14:21
Matt 6:25-33
Philippians 4:19
I Thessalonians 4:15-17

Then, on Monday, we saw this beautiful sight over the African Children’s Project property just after preaching the same sermon at another church the day before.

ACP Rainbows

DOUBLE Promises!

Directly under that rainbow is where our first home will be built VERY soon.

God continually reminds us that we are right where we are supposed to be. Sometimes, those confirmations come in forms of local friendships, sometimes through building plans being approved, and sometimes through rainbows over the beautiful piece of land God has given us. We are so thankful this Thanksgiving for God’s promises and His faithfulness in our lives.

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One thought on “God’s Promises

  • Mom

    All of this is so true. This is now the 3rd rainbow I’ve seen confirming these promises. I love you, Son and I know God has an awesome plan in store for you and your family to do many more great things for His kingdom. He is always faithful and will never let you down. Thanks for sharing this with us. Prayers & love always, Mom