Less than 2 months to departure

Can one be filled with excitement and sadness at the same time? After this week, I am confident the answer is “yes”. This week was a textbook definition of whatever this emotion of excitement and sadness in one is. This week the airline tickets were purchased for our journey to Embu, Kenya on August 10th! We are so very excited! We KNOW that God is providing and paving the way for this new adventure that is ahead of us. We also can’t deny the feelings of sadness as a chapter in our lives comes to a close. Thank you for praying us through this transition… We are praying for you too!!!

So, where are the Yon’s in this period of transition?! Well, the house is still on the market. We are trusting God in that He knows what He wants to do with our house. We will likely begin to seriously consider finding renters during the month of July, if the house does not sell. We are continuing to raise our monthly funds. Right now, we have about 60% of our monthly needs met! Praise the Lord!! And finally, the ultimate packing adventure begins! Thanks to an amazing Yard Sale last weekend, we will be furnishing and making “house needs” purchases in Kenya. We will only be taking multiple suitcases or duffle bags with us. There are many everyday items that we will find in Kenya, either in Nairobi or Embu, but also some of that will be difficult to find or is not available. To help our initial adjustment be a little easier, we have created a wishlist of some items that will be helpful to have on hand in the beginning of our adventure. Some of these items are simple and easy to pick up on a grocery store run or while browsing the internet. Maybe if you are out buying some of these items for yourself, you could pick up a couple extra for us-especially if you have a coupon. It will be a huge blessing to our family, if you are able to help us be a part of this packing process. Every little bit will help…and add up!

Click here to view our wishlist.

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