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If a picture is worth a thousand words, we just wrote you a book!  So sit back, get cozy with your cup of Chai (or coffee!) and enjoy the next chapter…

We have created a Gallery tab on our site and will continue to update with pictures.

Here is a fun picture from today. We had some rain today and had to do a little water fording.


For a quick summary of this week, we have been traveling a lot meeting a vast array of wonderful people.  We have made connections both in Nairobi and Embu that we believe will be vital relationships during our time here in Kenya.  We are quickly learning that the interdependence between missionaries and others in this area is essential!

In one of our meetings, we learned of an amazing app that we believe will be a great resource.  The Textfree app has allowed us to have a North Carolina phone number!!!  For these incoming calls from you, we only have to pay for the data used (so there may be a slight delay as we are working off Internet connections).  Here are our new NC #’s:
Jason (704) 659-0286
Amy (704) 781-7626

We also have a new app called WhatsApp that allows for free texting, including pic uploading and voice memos! For that app, I believe it uses our new Kenya #’s
Jason +254 705 008 416
Amy +254 705 008 456

Don’t forget that we are 7 hours AHEAD of Eastern standard time (Example :1pm Eastern time is 8pm for us)

And don’t forget you can email us too!  We will love to hear from you!!!
(If you would like to send an email to Jayden and/or Aubrey, send us a note and we’ll give it to you directly. I don’t want to post it here so they don’t get spam)


Jason, Amy, Jayden & Aubrey

Team Yon

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