Our first attempt at cooking “African Cuisine” 3



After a very successful dinner attempt with our new rotissarie chicken in the oven, I decided to make a little African dessert called “Mandazi”. This would be our first attempt at any true African Cuisine but it seemed so simple enough any mzungu (white guy) could get it right. I mean the instructions say “Just add water”.

They actually turned out pretty good for our first attempt. But it wasn’t without difficulty. You see the instructions said to use half of the bag with 250ml of water or 1/2 of a cup. So I looked at the measuring cup and 250ml is actually just over 1 full cup.  I instantly knew there was going to be a problem. Which is it? 250ml or 1/2 cup? Turns out it was only supposed to be 1/2 cup because I ended up using the entire bag. Oh well.

They taste good anyway. They are a little bit like a cake donut at home but less dense. A little powdered sugar would do them some good. Next time.

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