The Journey to Kenya – Part 2 3


The day has REALLY arrived now

Because our flights had to get rescheduled completely due to crew legal issues getting into Dallas, we also ended up on a totally different plight plan and totally different airlines. We flew from Charlotte to Chicago on American Airlines and Chicago to London Heathrow on American Airlines and then London to Nairobi on British Airways. We think the flights would have been more comfortable and we would have had more entertainment options on Emirates Airlines, but we got here. The kids did fairly well. Aubrey slept pretty good on the 2 long flights to London and Nairobi.  Jayden didn’t sleep quite as much since he was pretty well locked into his games and movies. But we really didn’t hear too much complaining from them. And you don’t really know what you’re missing if you haven’t experienced it, right?


We had to move fairly quickly on both layovers. The Chicago layover was only about 80 minutes. And although the London layover was 3 hours, we needed almost every minute of it.  We had to get boarding passes for the Freshour family because of the massive mix-up with the tickets on Saturday. And we had to make our way to a totally different terminal for the flight out to Nairobi. But getting through security probably took the longest. 2 of our VERY tightly packed backpacks had to get TOTALLY emptied at security and then we had to try to figure out how we got all of that stuff in there the first time. WOW! That was a challenge!

I’m sure you’re all wondering how it went arriving at an airport that had burnt to the ground only a few days earlier. And we are very happy to report, it went EXTREMELY WELL.  We were all VERY impressed at what Kenya had done to quickly get things up and running with HUGE circus tents, pavers on the ground in the tents, lights at night, tables and computers set up for Passport control and Customs, stairs to get off the plane, buses to move us from the plane to the tents, etc. It was all very organized, orderly, the people were very pleasant even late at night when we arrived, and really quite impressive. Way to go Kenya and KAA!

I think Melanie may have gotten some pictures that night. If so, I’ll try to add them to this post tomorrow.

Here’s the current problem….  I took this picture sitting in the back of the plane in Charlotte as we were pulling away from the gate. See those boxes? All 6 of those boxes are our’s or the Freshour’s and we STILL do not have them.


But here’s the kicker! It’s not an issue with Africa, or Kenya, or even the fire incident- the problem is with CHARLOTTE and CHICAGO! They did not get on our flight to Chicago. And when they did get to chicago, they did not get on the next flight to London. We were expecting them to arrive last night (Tuesday night) in Nairobi and Jeff and I went to the airport today and they STILL did not get here because they did not get on the flight to London from Chicago until late yesterday. So, we are told they are supposedly on a flight from London to Nairobi tonight and we are supposed to be able to pick them up tomorrow. But getting those bags tomorrow at the airport…that’s another story…

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3 thoughts on “The Journey to Kenya – Part 2

  • Ross Linfoot

    Good to hear you are all there safely now after your introduction to stepping onto a different continent. Just remember how long it took the first explorers, now it is done with relative ease. Did you manage to see any mountains on the way , or was it too dark or cloudy? Make sure to look after yourselves , especially the next couple of days , as you know how easy it is to catch something after being confined in aircraft for several hours. May God continue to bless you and your family, as he sure has a wonderful plan, that we are starting to see on this journey. Hope the boxes arrive in time for when they are needed.

  • Olivia Davis

    Happy to know you arrived safely and on the soil of your mission field. Lokking to hear more miraculous stories about God’s intervention into this journey. Love you all and praying for you daily.