Who said being a missionary is hard? 2


Wednesday, I had the privilege of playing golf with some awesome guys on the nicest course in the world (at least the nicest one I’ve ever seen). (Left to Right: Kevin Smith (Assemblies of God Missionary), Me, Jeff Freshour, Jeff Davis (Missionary in Kijabe and teacher at Rift Valley Academy)


The fairway may not have been in the best condition I’ve ever seen…….


The greens may not have been perfect…….


The rough was VERY rough in most places……….
(If you weren’t in the fairway, than you were in at least 4 ft high thick brush). We lost a lot of balls. I only lost 5, but I found 2. Net 3- not bad right?!)

But WOW! The views were AMAZING!!! Check this out!


This one was taken off of the tee on the 3rd hole. (You can click the picture to view full size)


Look closely. What do you see?


A little closer….


See them now? (if you don,t get your eyes checked) ZEBRA!!!! On the golf course!!! We also saw impala on the course as well, but I couldn’t get a picture quick enough. Sorry. They live there. We had to watch our step on every fairway to avoid their dung. When was the last time you played golf with a ZEBRA?! FORE!


Another pic of our striped friends…and Jeff Davis’ rear-end. Sorry Jeff. Great form though buddy.


Now…..look at that shot. That is the same Par 3 tee that I go the awesome panoramic photo and the photo with the  guys. It also happens to be the tee where I not only shot my best (and luckiest) shot EVER…..


…but I also got closest to the pin!  Yes, that’s my ball there in the foreground.  Too bad I missed the first putt. I was set up for my first ever birdie! Oh well, next time.


I’m told this house on the 17th hole belongs to the President of Kenya. Pretty Cool.


It was a fantastic day on the golf course at the Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort with some really great guys. I got to experience my first time with a real live caddy instead of a golf cart. And yes. I waked the whole thing. I was VERY sore afterwards, but it was totally worth it. I mean the views were amazing on every hole 360 degrees around me. These pictures just don’t do it justice. And wildlife on the course? AWE-SOME!

So, being a missionary isn’t all bad. Let’s be clear though, it hasn’t all been easy. Amy and I both have been a little sick, Amy worse than me (future blog post coming about that). But the kids have been very healthy. Food options have been really good in some places and questionable in others (thus the reason for our sicknesses).

We have stayed in some really great places as well. Places that we will be able to go to for a little weekend getaway or to meet up with other missionaries.

We have met a lot of great missionary families and we are really looking forward to getting to know them more and hanging out with them some. However, they are all at least 2 hours drive away from us. So, please keep us in your prayers as we settle into our apartment in Embu next week.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support! We really appreciate it!

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2 thoughts on “Who said being a missionary is hard?

  • Thelma Garga-Richardson

    Hey Pastor Jason and Family, this is Africanus’ mom Thelma and Africanus. We were so worried about you all. We got an email from the church and felt at ease but will continue to pray for you all and also the families of the victims. May Jesus continue to put his shield of protection around your family and Believers in Christ.